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30 Jan 2012
Surabhi Singh & Muthiah K - Illustrators for 'Branches of Life'

About our illustration for By Us For Us: The illustrations are shows the day span of old oak tree, where he encounters the events of a day n wonders about the complicated emotions of human race. The gold shows the grandness and richness of the trees experiences and thoughts.

Our inspiration for the visual:
The gold rich emotions, the sensitivity and point of view of a tree were the element which we were fascinated with. The more intelligent our brain gets the more complicated our emotions become. And this story is a beautiful blend of it.

Surabhi Singh & Muthiah - Illustrators for Branches of Life

The creative process behind our illustration:
First we doodled out various parts of the story, capturing the essence and adding value to the story through imagery. Then adding details that add charm and inking the illustration added soul to it that complements the text and completes the story.

Branches of Life - Illustration by Surabhi Singh & Muthiah

Our tip for creating illustrations for a children's book:
Every time we illustrate we try to give more to the palette so that the story or visuals leave something behind for the kids to think about. And never underestimate the kids' knowledge or power to think while visualizing the illustrations for them.

Why this project is special to us:
This project was beautiful because we knew that it is not some adult who is trying to fit in kids' shoes and looking at world. It is a real kid writing about the real things he/she feels in the form of an innocent story. The realisation itself that a kid can think so deep made this project very exciting and the very tight deadline of course ☺ adds the charm.

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